by Dazzletine

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All songs written by Dan Koshute ℗ & © 2016 Magna Persona Music
Produced by Dan Koshute and Darren Diederich
Mixed by Dan Koshute
Engineered by Darren Diederich and Brian Speaker
Mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios, Turtle Creek, PA
Recorded at SpeakerSonic Studios, Brooklyn, NY, Simon Sound Studios, Pittsburgh, PA, and MBH Studios, Pittsburgh, PA April '15- March '16

Dan Koshute - Vocals, Guitars (Synth and Drums on "Sorcell")
Darren Diederich - Bass
Nick Fleury - Synth
Seth Chizeck - Drums

Cover art by Sai V. Meltingstar
Layout by Jordan "Huck Halley" White


released November 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Dazzletine Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Cores Bonds
When I was at rest
Sealed unstrewn
Fastened at the chase
Mill fount writ collect

Throw it all inside of you

Use your hands
Use your eyes
Use your feet
Hear my voice
Hear my voice
Hear my voice

Throw it all inside of you
Track Name: Sacroman
You want it forever
Upsold the vergent mean
Admonished your reserve
Unpacked outcome furl need


Decide the core volt lead
Complexions outer roost
Who holds that build replete
Handles our very word


You got me surrounded
Roped and split by the drawer
Me I’m struck by the foundry
Bore through moanless peak

Track Name: Culled to Bells
It’s not the way in through
The habit in your chest
Or anything
Leaked inquiring the hold
That marries those at best
All publicly
Wound I hurried to revive
Headlong into the cusp
By entity
Prized my super noble self
In idealotry rebate

Hero ring these spaces I be best

Vein the reproductive lore
My solitude injest
Chief the firmament you score
Hand harbors your suggest
So and a worrisome
Stall the peer a-modal flights
Your fancy two possessed
Thrust in blindly locked pall sift
Spy the rascal role

Hero ring these spaces I be best

And all the saints

Hero ring these spaces
Track Name: Hypo Pristine
Role makes use
Praised bud tour
Dash key vamp
More tall cheat

It's defending
Row exactly
Indulgent skit
Bite improve
Low the bustle
Speak grudge lent
Mood entire
Marred missed streak

This choir stance
Rank and child
Go plan hits
Wet grow grade

Pack the great rights
Loom livid
Ask drawl orgy
Rotor bed
Patch descendant
Lunge advising
Spur age taunt
A various

Now you got something to say

This forever means
Track Name: Botany Per Burlesque
Who took it when they need
And pried the most relent
Whip back the firm reserve
Contested matter wing

Now just sakes the dark
And its promise that could choose
The model foil bring
Faster the born of the forming

You've got to smile when you feel somebody

I met the bad salute
The broadcast root suspect
You stoked it where you lay
Demand blast charm pursuit

You released the wrist
It’s important that you do
By whose confidence
Two's all about companions

You've got to smile when you feel somebody
Track Name: Luciferous Sound
I booked a side in it
Mislocked the bulk witness
Blanket confer body
Force assign

Theatric host tally
Fan hiss thin bowled errors
Stand stung revive pairless
Strong array

Advise threat young barracks
News terms recoup harmless
Flat tout proceeds abject
Brakes obscene

Real seize
Pounce rung trust

Discourse on slider level
Bar levy coax insured
Soak blade both obvious

I am the show it of arc
General nations prime
Exact dig bolt pointer
Kind myth new

Lock aid
Bright leaks

Bear your name
Track Name: Unseats All Bronzes (Panny)
Bode ripe win the open
So filled ultra mention
In plural correcting
Rare sums our sizes

There's so many wonderful things

Provoked hall in semblance
Sealed year stock perfume
Laid use document said
Read pack propulsive

There's so many wonderful things
Track Name: Mint Tactics
I'm enrolled out
Fits on blurred grounds
Wreaked immense face
Bout of sport

Breathe brunt gauge through
Honed step raze subsume

Bark the root change
Just us gain hour
Read on whom unsent
Vital warn

Breathe brunt gauge through
Honed step raze subsume
Track Name: Sorcell
Your whereabouts I trace the heard
Lipped unpronounced foundlessly
The packs of wait count all the vowels
I claw the earth desirously

My heart is jumping
My heart is jumping waiting for you

In the capital I refined my place
Immaculate and encircle-celled
I address now, young or old
Loverly pan all dimensional

My heart is jumping
My heart is jumping waiting for you

Right up off the plane
Track Name: High Touching
Temp traverse running from the save
Peeled porous lather armor ban
Roll languor routed bust coerce

I work through non-weight

And I'm so glad I found you

Seal moan leaked thrill set wire spoke
Unhold aural watercolor screen
Suss tight fall brood the special veers

Herald our bouquet

And I'm so glad I found you

Yes it's true