Heart, Mind, Bodies [EP]

by Dazzletine

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Produced and Mixed by Dan Koshute and Darren Diederich
Engineered by Darren Diederich
Mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios, Turtle Creek, PA
Recorded from August '10- May '11 in Darren's room, Pittsburgh, PA

All songs written and performed by Dan Koshute ℗ + © 2011 Magnamusic

Artwork by Huck Halley

Thanks: Phoebe, Eamae, Paige, Dee, Dave, Huck, Jarrett, Manny Theiner, Bengt, Patrick Bowman, Garrett, Zeb, Jess, Goose, Japan, Flowers, Aldini and Suzanne, Matty, Joey and Jacob Onassis, Lukas, The Whiskey Holler, and my family.



released September 29, 2011



all rights reserved


Dazzletine Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Press Contact: dazzletine@gmail.com

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Track Name: Here Come The Babes
Let's destroy gooseflesh
One heart, one mind, one witness
Let's destroy gooseflesh
One heart, one mind

Fire, water, wind and air
You know you've made it when you're there
Fire, water, wind and air
You know you're here

'Cause Here Come the Babes
Track Name: Plumage
Feed all hand types
Locked up once now I stick to teeth
Nest in relief
Feathers tucked simply on to breast

Let it breathe
Let it breathe and learn to read
Give it air
Give it air and grow your hair

Shake up this nice
Concrete afterburner broad day night
Squeeze down your rest
Summon tag teamers waiteress

And we will conceive
And we will unleash what's underneath
In view of the world
Take our time and take it higher

There's something in the water
There's wine in water and you STEAL!

And you must conceive
And you must unleash what's underneath
In view of your world
Take your time and take it higher
Track Name: Thus My Panther
Tigers on the inside and lions on the outside
Razor sharp teeth fair game
Pieces by the twist
Thorny, bloody mist
Dual millennium full steam

Could it be right
Won't start a fight

If you don't respect the instinct
You don't complete the distinct
Analyzers masked parade
Killing you Persona
Getting you Persona
No slipping out this time

Could it be right
Won't start a fight

I'll mess you up
Track Name: Holy Mothers
Two wills and one car rider
Cut deals to warm on our own
Roar rich campaign forth indivisible
Predict the came to appear outright

Everything you do

Well meant cape decorum
Round out the horn of good own
By George your name means Copernicus
This jector dried intrinsic

Everything you do

What's the word for garbage man in your tongue?
Say it for me loud and clear 'cause it sounds so heavenly
Track Name: Treatise, Hark (For Huck)
I gave my only one to you
I love the board I hate you for it
Deposit everything on time
Is it so real, is it so real?
I want to give all of my educated mind up to you

It's in your only son and I feel myself slowdown then I go
The fabric that you hold run it round

Stand up on anybody's room
Good luck fourth time and baffled by it
Disruption quality unsure
Off with your head, off with your head
This ruined instructor saved everyone but me and you

It's lashed up to my heart
And the will will now backtrack where it came
The power's overrun to explode
Track Name: Unitas
Nobody talks like Midas
Nobody runs like Quartz
Nobody laughs like Ornament
The order complete like rhyme

And praise be to me
And praise be to you

Let's build a mantel and name it
Sell our clothes for something to read
Skating’s a fixed sensation
But your blushing perpetually

And praise be to me
And praise be to you

Call up Unitas the orphan
The richest kid I know
Tell him I solved the mystery
Announcing the master thief

And praise be to me
And praise be to you

And praise be to me
And praise be to you
I don't mean to hesitate but I want to
I don't mean to leave the state but I want to
Track Name: Skin Period
In the pocket of my ribs
Cue the mattress born of wish
One from Timer one from wealth
Here's to bodies here's to health

I competed on the world stage

In the market of mine row
And in the other hand it hides
The possessors got your sled
Kill an alphabet instead

I competed on the world stage